Why Web Analytics is important in website’s success

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Let’s run a thought experiment. Your task is to create “brand awareness” about a brand of upscale lingerie and your advertising budget is limited. You have just enough funds to place one small billboard in Time Square, NYC, or a hundred of them in front of a few retirement communities, or a thousand in random truck stops. What would you choose?

We have some guesses, but we are 66% sure that your guess is different than ours. Now let’s make the experiment a little more concrete. What if you wanted to actually sell the lingerie over an e-commerce site? You place a sponsored banner ad in New York Times Online for 5 weeks, a hundred of them in local newspapers for one year, or buy ads for 10 years in “Truck Stop Gazette”? It’s a tough call with a shockingly simple answer: Website Analytics. Website Analytics is the art and science of forming a hypothesis, having expectations for the results and reconciling the actual results with the expectations. A shocking number of people choose their best guess and go with their hunch.

The experiment that we alluded to above is a small subset of website analytics. This is basically an exercise in measuring which referring site is getting you your highest spending customers. Website Analytics gives you a lot more. Are your most likely customers going to be from the US, Brazil or Ghana? Depends if you are selling NASCAR tickets or Immigration Services. Too easy, you say? How about which search engine? And which search term from which search engine gives you customers as opposed to visitors?

Getting the visitors to your site is only 10% of the game. There is a saying, that all visitors to a website have an itch that needs to be scratched. If we can identify that itch, we also have the ability to scratch it for them. We can have a valuable customer who can be a repeat buyer. In order to do this, we need to go where they came from (country, referring site, search engine), who they are (Mac User with 1536×960 resolution), why they came (keywords), what they did (path taken, converted (?). We now have used web analytics to profile a visitor who is most likely to convert.

This “profile” is what we call “actionable intelligence” and as analytics go, it’s pure Gold. Now you have segmented your visitors and can focus your energies on attracting the profitable ones. New York Times or “Truck Stop Gazette,” we don’t know. But our website analytics will tell us the answer. We will also know whether our PPC visitors are more likely to convert or the Organic search people. We have seen different results for different industries.

We stress that it’s vital for every business to analyze in detail the behavior of the converting visitors. This includes keeping track of multiple visits of the same visitor. In other words, the web analysis solution that you employ must have the capability to inform you that the visitor, who bought, first came to your site using PPC, but bought after researching your product a few times.

Another good one is “Page Analysis”. What landing pages are the visitors most likely to enter? How about the converting ones? Analyze which pages are they most likely to exit? If a “landing” page is the same as an exit page for a disproportionate number of visitors, the page may itself have a problem. If the page right before they make the purchase is the one they are most likely to exit, it could be that your prices are too high or that you have a broken link. The website analytics should either raise alarms for you in your quest to maximize conversion or allow you to congratulate yourself for executing your web strategy like a Maestro.

We at Sofizar are here to help and provide you with a risk free solution to jump start your campaign with our web analytics solution. This solution is based on Zaralyzer and most of our packages include customized consulting. You may have an incredible website but what would be its worth if it has no visitors? If you want your online business to succeed, it is vital to understand exactly how your website works and where the weak points are situated.

To sum up, an effective Web Analytics solution can help you in the following areas thereby making your campaign a success:

  • You can monitor where your traffic is coming from, the IP addresses of your visitors and their actions in sequence with the time stamp.
  • Understand how many unique users visit your site and how many sessions they make.
  • View the path which your visitor followed while browsing. This includes the time spent on each path along with the sequence of browsing.
  • Usage data by hits, kilobytes and user session.
  • View what were the top entry pages, top exit pages and how many files they downloaded (most popular pages, most popular files etc)
  • See which sites are giving you referral traffic.
  • Which search engines are getting you traffic, which search terms you are getting visitors on etc.
  • Improve Your ROI by doing Behavioral Analysis of your visitors.
  • Distinguishing frequently visited pages is critical to understanding how to drive more traffic to the join page or shopping cart.
  • Demographics of your visitors (geographic locations of your visitors etc).
  • Which referrals and affiliates are driving traffic to your website.

To maximize your ROI, get your hands on a Complete Web Analysis Solution. With an in-depth behavioral analysis of your website visitors, you can modify your website in a way that helps invite buyers and not just surfers.

Contact Us and put us to the test. We are confident we can earn your business.

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