Why We Are the Best

Because we never settle for ‘Good’. We believe that ‘Good Ideas’ never changed anything. We believe that a ‘Good Effort’ never moved mountains and it takes more than a ‘Good Team’ to achieve great results.

We at Sofizar believe ‘Staying Unsatisfied’ isn't just a part of our core values, it is a mantra that drives us to do better every day. We understand online traffic. We understand what drives it, how to maintain it and how to improve it. In other words, we are like chefs who can take one look at a website and tell what ingredient is missing and how it could be more delicious. With a combined experience of more than a hundred years, we understand how search frequency, conversion rate and click through are the key aspects of monetization.

It was this understanding and experience that won us the first MIT Acceleration Business Plan in 2007. It was this passion that allowed us to achieve 593% growth between 2007-2010. It was this determination that got us recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Pakistan.

All of this didn’t happen overnight. It took more than a decade of hard work and an uncompromising stance on quality to be where we are today. Starting with an idea to do something different and armed with a single website, today we successfully handle more than a hundred online properties.

So if someone were to ask, why we are the best? Our answer is quite simple,

Because we never settle for ‘Good’. For Us ‘Good’ isn’t just ‘Good Enough’.