What We Bring to the Table

An Experienced Team, Sound Knowledge and a Proven Track Record
At Sofizar we believe in this crazy idea that if you have great people who know what they are doing, you can accomplish anything. E Commerce may sound like a beast that cannot be tamed, unless you have the right people with the right expertise. Here are some numbers you may want to consider if you own a business

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

You know what’s cooler than a million, a Billion
Well we are paraphrasing here a bit, but numbers never lie. More than billion users are active on Facebook every month. Facebook is not for playing Candy Crush or checking who got fat from High School anymore. Businesses are seriously investing into this medium. Advertising, engagement and marketing are just some of the areas we have expertise in.

Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing

70% of online consumers say they trust websites with content
Never underestimate the power of the written word. Content has come a long way and is expected to be even more influential in future. Our team of talented writers and editors are experienced in developing relevant and engaging content. And our marketers know where and when to place them for maximum returns.

Organic Search

Retail sales are expected to go up from $231 billion in 2012 to $370 billion in 2017
Having an online presence as part of a broader marketing strategy can make a world of difference for any business. It takes the right kind of optimization to show up on Google search results. Our experts look after every aspect that goes into optimization. This includes analysis, on page, link building and marketing. It is the amalgamation of the above that results in websites and products showing up on the first page.

Mobile Marketing

More smart phones were used to access the internet than PC’s in Jan 2014
Surprised! Smart phones are taking over and that too in a big way. So if you have a business and are not investing in mobile marketing, you’re missing out on a big chunk of market share. At Sofizar we design marketing campaigns specifically targeting mobile users. Our strength is in optimizing websites for mobile traffic. From building responsive layouts to analyzing and monitoring mobile traffic, we make sure our clients and users get the best out of their smart phones.

Pay Per Click

Paid Search

US spend on PPC increased by 24% in Q1 2013
Both businesses and online marketers are realizing the importance and benefits of Paid Search. From in depth analysis to optimization and testing, we make sure that the ROI is reflective of the money spent. By using industry best practices, we make sure our products and clients get the most out of their PPC campaigns.

Creative Consulting Services

Online consumers tend to be more loyal
Latest online surveys suggest online shoppers come back for more. This is the reason why businesses are making online marketing a big part of their business strategy. We at Sofizar provide all the above services and more. And we have people who have plenty of experience in this field. So if you are looking to extend your brand and tap this untapped market, we have the experience and expertise to help.

Analytics and Research

Anyone who’s been in the E Commerce business long enough will tell you that analytics and research is the key to monetization. And to do this, you need experience, tools, knowhow and the right people. We have all of that. We use trusted research methods to analyze and compile data and let our results do the talking.

Website Health Audit 

The layout and design looks perfect. You have relevant high quality content but still you’re not getting the traffic you deserve. Maybe it’s time to audit your website. Our experts are like chefs who can take one look at a website and tell what’s missing. We pull all the stops when conducting a website health audit. This includes checking for red flags, competitor analysis, conversion optimization and security breaches.   

CMS and Technical Implementation 

Fresh content is like oxygen for any website. And to make sure websites get a fresh supply of oxygen, we have expertise in CMS and technical implementation. We are efficient at migrating old content to new. We train our clients so that they are familiar with the new system. And our system is flexile which means there is always room for improvement.

Local and Mobile Optimization 

Showing up on local searches can do wonders for businesses. And with mobile optimization, it could be the proverbial cherry on top. We have experience in both. Our experts make sure your business gets listed on Google Places and with a responsive mobile layout; your clients can find you without any trouble on the go.

Site Redesign and Migration Consulting 

A lot goes into designing a website. Load time, CTA for conversions and crawler friendliness are just some of the factors. We design websites that are aesthetically pleasing (easy on the eyes) and according to best practices. Our experts make sure that no link juice, page rank and keyword ranking is lost during migration. Our purpose is to improve the quality of your website and increase your traffic and revenue.

Client Training and Education 

We believe in partnerships. That’s why we don’t just offer services or expertise; we invest time and resources into our partners. Training and education is part of the deal and we make sure our partners don’t feel left high and dry. We aim at making you self sufficient and we will keep you on top of the latest industry trends (if you want) even when you are not with us.