Bandwidth Theft

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Have you ever been confused between the terms “bandwidth theft” and “hot linking”? Do you actually know who is using your bandwidth unethically? If not, then it’s time to take action to ensure that your site is not involved in any form of bandwidth theft.

Hot Linking, by definition, refers to placing a linked object (usually an image), from site A to a specific page belonging to site B. In this scenario, site B will have an inline link to the site where the object was originally located (Site A).

Hot linking is mostly used to link images from the personal home page storage of a person to the online diary of another person. It is also known as Bandwidth Theft. Bandwidth Theft basically means you use a website’s bandwidth (something they pay for) for your own use.

A simple analogy would be someone using the electrical appliances in your house, without your permission. Eventually you will have to pay the electric bill. is one of Sofizar’s products and the site employs all the ways through which bandwidth theft can be prevented. The site is light weight so that the website and its main pages (theater, concert and sports) do not take much time to load. Moreover, the quantity and sizes of images are kept to a minimum, in order for the website to look user-friendly.

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