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Welcome to SOFIZAR

Sofizar is a Lahore Pakistan based internet marketing company. A "Flat World Company", selling directly to consumers in North America over search engines and through Facebook Marketing. Have a large team of quant analysts, who gather and analyze data(search frequency, conversion rate, click through) and a team of programmers, optimizers who implement and operate. Use a unique FB paid advertizing technique, which allows us to optimize based on buckets of "interest groups" and "Like Audience".

Sofizar also won the prestigious MIT business acceleration plan competition for the year 2007, due to its track record, business plan innovation and growth prospects. Consequently, Sofizar is honored to have three members of MIT Sloan School faculty on its board of advisors.

In 2010 Sofizar was ranked number 6 on the prestigious Pakistan Fast Growth 25 group, a segment of AllWord Live rankings. We were recognized for our rapid growth coupled with our global standard entrepreneurial abilities and intensity.

We are highly profitable and aim to democratize and revolutionize e-commerce.